2-day adventure tour starts in Võru on every Saturday at 10am.

First leg of the tour is on bicycles to the river Võhandu, where we keep on going on water. After 2-3 hours of canoeing next leg - cycling starts again. New group leader will take over the leading of the group to the next check-point, where the group gets the next destination and the next map and so on until to the accomodation place. Our accomodation place is green grass with some wonderful tents. Evening program also consists of supper, smoke-sauna and local rural museum. As sleeping in tents, all the participants must have their own sleeping-bags.

Next morning starts with breakfast, then cycling again in picturesque tracks until to Haanja. Then after lunch we will capture the biggest hills in Baltic - Munamägi and Vällamägi. After two hours of hiking bicycles are waiting again to go down the upland to Võru to the finish of the tour appr at 16-17 o'clock on Sunday.

Of course it is impossible to describe all the sightseeing and adventures in written form, everybody must see and experience it by itself.